Get a custom sculpted, hand painted ornament that looks just like your pet whether you've got a cocker spaniel or a one-eyed, three-legged tabby cat. Add a link to an image of your pet when you order or write a description, e.g. "yellow lab" or "long-haired black cat". We'll do our best to make your ornament resemble the provided photo of your pet.


Materials: clay, acrylic paint

Measures about 2.5" by 1.5".

Please allow for variations in size, shape, and color due to the handmade nature of the product.

Allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be created and shipped out.

Pet Portrait Ornament - Stocking (Small)

Stocking Color
    • Ornaments are fragile. Do not drop or submerge in water. Clean gently with a soft cloth.
    • This is not a toy. Please do not give ornaments to young children. Broken ornaments may become sharp or become a choking hazard.




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